COVID Update


Sunday 10:30AM Worship Service | Wednesday Night 6:30PM youth and children

Sunday Worship at PFMC

In-person services are being held on Sunday at 10:30 am. Unlike before we will not be taking temperatures at the door. In order to protect the health of our church and community, we are taking the following precautions. These represent our best reasonable efforts to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading coronavirus, but since they do not eliminate all risk, attendees should be aware of the potential risks of participating in our gatherings…

  • There are hand-sanitizer stations in the lobby.
  • Instead of passing offering plates, locked offering boxes have been installed next to all of the doors in the Worship Center along with one near the Information Center. As always, online and giving by mail options are also available. 
  • The Worship Center has been arranged to maintain social distancing by roping off every other pew in each section. Attendees are responsible to maintain appropriate distance between family groups in the available pews.
  • Face coverings are required in accordance with state guidelines for everyone over the age of 5. Children under age 5 and adults who are unable to comply because of a medical condition are exempt.
  • All materials in the pews (hymnals, Bibles, envelopes, etc.) have been removed until all restrictions are lifted.
  • The most vulnerable to the virus (elderly, health-compromised, etc.) are encouraged to stay home and join us via livestream until restrictions are no longer needed.
  • Anyone with symptoms of illness are expected to stay home, and will be turned away at the door if necessary.